The University of Akron Robotics Team competes annually at Kennedy Space Center’s NASA Robotic Mining Competition. This competition reinforces knowledge learned in the classroom and strengthens abilities used in the workplace.  Come see what they’ve got going on.

For the Akron Mini Maker Faire, the University of Akron Robotics Team is going to present on robotics and NASA. They will bring multiple robots including a robotic excavator named CHRISTEE  and have an activity to engage kids in STEM called “Blind Astronaut”.

In “Blind Astronaut,” the participants will work as a pair, one with a pair of blinders on (Astronaut), the other looking at a circuit diagram (Ground Control Engineer). There will be a broken circuit in front of the pair, the Ground Control Engineer must describe to the Astronaut how to repair the circuit. The circuit will buzz when it is fixed. A prize will be rewarded based on time of completion.

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